Strategic planning. Documenting the business mission, vision, and strategy is critical to get everybody aligned from the management team to employees and investors. Key components of the strategic plan that should be revised yearly are (1) an analysis of the customer and market environment, product capabilities, roadmap and competition, and (2) a 3-5 year high level plan including financials, product development, business development and sales initiatives. We provide the elements and templates for the process and tailor the development of the strategic plan to the stage of the company to ensure that the plan serves its intended purpose and offers value. We can also drive and lead the yearly strategic planning process to minimize impact on company resources and not detract from the day to day business.

Tactical planning and execution monitoring. Plans for the next year (on a rolling basis) need to be clarified in more detail to make them actionable and realistic. We recommend following a process of setting quarterly objectives and goals and monitoring progress on a monthly or quarterly cadence. We assist in the planning and resource allocation process and provide the framework for monitoring the successful execution of the plans. We tailor the scope of the planning activities to the size of the teams and the corresponding need for documentation and details. It can be as simple as one Excel spreadsheet or as involved as a set of planning documents for the overall company goals and individual projects.