Caribbean Waters Inc.

Caribbean Waters has been formed in 2021 by Dr. Michael Feser to put his extensive experience with startup companies and entrepreneurs into action with new ideas and business opportunities. We specialize in high-tech hardware technology startups located across the globe and are able to quickly get a deep understanding of technology, IP and the barriers to success. What sets us apart is that we not only provide guidance but can offer complete solutions through our network of contractors and solution providers. We can take over as little or as much work as needed to make our clients successful.

Why “Caribbean Waters”?

Our name is inspired from the concept of “mind like water” – a state of concentration without being distracted by thoughts and worries. This concept (and how to achieve it) forms the core of the Getting Things Done methodology developed by David Allen which is a work approach embraced by Caribbean Waters. The beautiful calm waters of the Caribbean, which are a favorite spot of our founder, stand for the “mind like water” state of mind which we want our team and clients to achieve.